If you are looking for ways to upgrade your old commercial building, you may want to consider installing new commercial windows. New commercial windows can offer your building a variety of advantages 

Financial Advantage #1: Lower Energy Costs

One of the biggest financial advantages of installing new commercial windows in your buildings is that they will help you lower your energy costs. Old drafty commercial windows can allow for a great deal of heat loss around the windows. This can cost you money year-round. Old windows with seals that are broken allow air to flow around them, and rob the air you are so carefully heating up or cooling down from staying inside of your building. Plus, many older windows allowed for more direct heat transfer through the glass.  

New windows that are properly sealed, and have glass with the right coating, will help reduce your energy costs, which is one of the biggest costs of running a building. The lower energy costs you will enjoy alone can help your new commercial windows pay for themselves. 

Financial Advantage #2: Less Maintenance

As the windows in your building get older, they will require more care and attention from your maintenance and utility team. Taking care of old windows can be costly and time consuming.  

New windows will require less maintenance and will only really require your team to clean the windows and make sure that they stay in great condition.  

Financial Advantage #3: Improved Occupancy

Finally, people like to rent buildings that feel open. No one wants to feel locked in when they are on the third story of a building. They want to be able to look outside and enjoy the view. They want to be able to open the windows and enjoy a nice breeze. Adding new, more modern windows to your building that open up and provide some ventilation can make it easier for you to find people who want to rent your space. If you are struggling to keep your commercial building at full occupancy, upgrading the windows and making the space more energy efficient are two steps in the right direction for increasing your occupancy rate.  

Installing new windows on your commercial building will lower your energy costs, decrease your maintenance needs, and help improve your overall occupancy rate. New windows are a great investment for your commercial business, so you should start to budget and save for new business windows. New windows will give your building a whole new feel. Talk to a commercial glass contractor to learn more.