Window films are a common upgrade for businesses to make to their buildings. For a proactive building manager, it can be important to stay informed about trends and advances. As a result, learning more about commercial window film for your business will prove useful as you make decisions about this upgrade.

Are Commercial Window Films Only Used For Tinting Glass?

One common belief about commercial window frames is that it will only be used in circumstances where individuals are wanting or needing to tint their window glass. While these films can be useful in situations where the window is needing to be tinted, there are other benefits that window films can provide. Improved energy efficiency can be among the most noticeable and practical benefits you can enjoy. This is due to the film blocking heat from being transferred through the glass while also helping to minimize drafts. Another seemingly unlikely benefit will be enhanced protection for your floors. By blocking damaging UV light, these films can limit the amount of color bleaching that hardwood and other popular flooring materials will experience.

Will Your New Window Film Be Reliable?

Those responsible for making improvements and other changes to the building will often be hesitant about making changes that will result in increased repair costs or other significant maintenance burdens. Fortunately, window films are usually extremely durable and reliable as long as they are properly maintained. Luckily, this will not be very difficult as it will primarily involve avoiding the use of cleaning products with bleach or ammonia in them as they can damage the film. Generally, it is advised to simply dust these films when they are needing to be cleaned, but this may not always be possible if the film is especially dirty.

Are Window Films Always Added To The Exterior Of The Glass?

It can be easy to assume that these films will be added to the exterior side of the glass. However, this is usually not the case as these films are designed to be applied to the interior side of windows. This is usually done as these films are applied with an adhesive backing, and intense moisture exposure can cause this adhesive to fail far more rapidly. Due to the fact that these films are installed on the interior of the glass, you will need to plan on contractors being in your business when you are having these films installed. Although, some of these services can provide after-hours support to reduce business disruptions.