Every year, auto manufacturers add new technology to their vehicles. These additions add an impressive level of convenience and functionality for drivers. However, concerning repairs, they can create challenges, even when it comes to windshield repair and replacement. If you have a newer vehicle, learn about some of the issues you could face if you try to repair or replace your windshield on your own.

Light Sensors

When you drive in a tunnel or a covered area and your headlights automatically come on, you can attribute this feature to a light sensor. In some newer models, the light sensors rest just up against the windshield behind the rearview mirror. 

If a damaged windshield is not removed carefully, the sensor can also be damaged in the process. If you suddenly drive into a dark area or it starts raining outside, a light sensor that doesn't work could put your safety at risk, so it's essential to preserve this feature. 

Dash Display

Vehicles with dash display capabilities transmit some of the vital information from your dash panel onto your windshield, including GPS guidance, speed, and air temperature. While there might not be an actual screen inside the glass displaying this information, the wiring for the projector that shows this information is often stored just below the windshield. 

Even tugging on one of the wires too aggressively while you try to remove the glass could cause one of them to snap or disconnect, which would render the feature nonexistent. 

Driving Systems

Cars today are incredibly smart. In fact, some vehicles can even alert the driver when they are driving outside of their lane. You guessed it; the windshield plays an essential role in the function of this feature. Cars with this feature typically have a tiny camera that connects to the top of the windshield. 

If you need to replace the glass, the camera has to be removed first. Since the average person doesn't know how to remove the camera or reconnect it, it's highly likely you'll make a mistake that disables the function.

Remember: not only are DIY windshield repairs a bad idea for your safety and the function of your car's features, but the mistake could even void your warranty. Auto glass professionals don't just understand how to repair and replace the windshield but also how to work with these features. Let a skilled auto glass professional handle all your repair needs.