If you're considering remodeling your bathrooms before you put your house on the market, you may be wondering what the most popular upgrades are today. Renovated bathrooms and kitchens are probably two of the most important and big-ticket items prospective homebuyers look for. Outdated kitchens and baths will turn a lot of buyers off, as not everyone wants to bother with the hassle of major renovations the minute they close on their new home. If the home has other negatives to overcome, a new kitchen and bath can help that.

Considering a modest kitchen and bathroom remodel will both return an average of 65 percent of your investment, it's important to make sure you spend the money where it matters most. If you spend your money well, you may reap an even greater return. Here's five ideas to create a trendy yet affordable bathroom remodel.

Get Rid Of Bathroom Themes

That rubber ducky wallpaper border with the coordinating accessories and matching non-slip tub decals may have been adorable 30 years ago, but now it's just tacky. Strip away any wallpaper, wallpaper borders, shower curtain, towels, and other themed accessories. Resurface the walls and paint them in a classic neutral shade.

Rip Out The Tub

Unless your home has a classic cast iron enameled clawfoot bath tub, chances are prospective homeowners won't be interested in your old fiberglass bathtub with the surround that needs new caulking. No matter how hard you try, these will always look outdated and dirty.

Instead, get rid of the tub and create a modern tiled shower stall. You don't need to reconfigure your entire bathroom, just make the new shower stall with bench the same size as the tub. Choose inexpensive tile in a neutral color that will give the space a classic yet modern look. Skip the circa-Seventies frosted plexiglass shower doors on the impossible-to-keep-clean ugly metal tracks. Install a clear or opaque real shower glass partition. This will highlight the beauty of the tile as well as make the room appear larger.

Skip The Vanity

Real wood vanities can get expensive, and the ones made of MDF don't look very impressive. Instead, mirror the glass you used for the shower stall and create a glass counter. Drop in simple but classy porcelain basins with mid-grade fixtures for a cohesive, trendy look.

Replace The Toilet

You don't need to buy an expensive throne, just make sure it is an updated water-efficient model. Prospective buyers love to see new toilets, and it's an inexpensive and quick fix. If you leave the old toilet, it will bring down the rest of the space and turn people off. 

Replace The Flooring

Bathrooms are typically small rooms, so choose an upper-end flooring as it won't cost much more. Prospective home buyers will appreciate the upscale vibe it gives the room more than cheap laminates.