While it's typical to use a standard shower door and glass enclosure when you're a new homeowner, upgrading to a more elegant appearance can have a big effect on the style of your bathroom. Here are some things to consider when you're redesigning your shower door. 

Evaluate the Structure of Your Current Shower Walls

If you have a standalone shower that's not reliant on your walls for support, it's a good idea to evaluate your wall structure before you start looking at glass shower enclosures. Depending on the material of your bathroom walls, you may be limited to certain types of glass that are lightweight and can be easily supported. With stronger walls, you can freely choose a heavier glass door. 

Evaluate the Cost of Glass and Installation

If you need to get custom glass designed for your shower enclosure, the costs can vary greatly. The style of glass that you choose matters a lot, since textured or thick glass will be more expensive to cut. The size of your shower enclosure also matters, so have a glass technician come to your home and take careful measurements of the space. The size of the glass will also mater in terms of the types of braces you need as well as the costs of transporting and installing your new shower door. 

Look At Your Shower Head

Your shower head may need to be replaced when you're choosing a new shower door, so be sure to factor in these costs when you're estimating the costs of the job. The shower head can be problematic if it's too strong and it sprays water outside of the enclosure. Especially if you are choosing a one-sided glass enclosure, you may need to get a shower head that has more settings adjustments so that you can concentrate the water inside your shower enclosure. 

Decide Whether Mold Protection is Needed

Mold protection is another thing to consider when you're updating your shower enclosure. If you want to have an open-ended shower enclosure, the shower water may spray onto your walls, creating a more humid environment than what you had before. Proper draining is essential, but you may also want to install a vent to decrease the level of humidity in the room. 

This is only the beginning when it comes to the factors that you should consider when designing glass shower enclosures. Be sure to consult a professional to advise you on glass shower door design.