While having dual pane windows can help improve the energy efficiency of your home and even help block out outside sound, there's still the chance that a leak could happen which could affect air flowing in or out of your home. With this in mind, you need to get started with repairing your dual pane windows right away to prevent any unnecessary costs for heating or cooling. Whether you have a strict budget or not, you can implement some of the following ideas.

Use a Small Candle or Match to Check for Drafts

While you may feel a draft in a certain room, it may still be unclear exactly where it's coming from. An easy way to fix this is by having a small candle or match and holding it against the windows of your home. What this will do is make the flame move in the direction that the draft is coming from. This can be very beneficial if you are unclear about which window is having a draft.

Buy a Draft 'Snake' for a Temporary Fix

One fix to consider if you can't afford extensive repairs right now is buying a draft snake that can be placed along the window sill. You can even make one of these draft snakes on your own using fabric and heavy material, such as dry beans or rice. Placing the snake along the windowsill can help close up any gaps and is a great temporary fix until you can have professionals visit your home for the repair.

Switch Out Your Window Treatments

Another idea for fixing a draft in your home is through replacing the window treatments. Blinds can be convenient, but they won't do anything in terms of preventing air from coming into your home from a leak. A smart idea is heavy curtains, since they can help the interior of your home stay a consistent temperature and can make a big difference in whether or not you feel a draft.

Call in the Professionals for Repair Work

While there are a number of temporary fixes you can make it if you are limited on money, nothing compares to having professionals visit your home for the repairs, such as http://www.healyglass.com/. By calling the professionals in, you can have your dual pane windows working exactly as they should in no time.

Repairing your windows if you notice a draft can make an enormous difference in how energy-efficient your home is and how comfortable it is during the different times of the year–making it important that you don't skip out on fixing any leaks.