Long after the flowers have died, you can remember the gift by reusing the glass vase the blooms came in. Rather than storing vases away, transform them into creative and eye-catching home decor that you can use to give your home a personal touch. Use the glass vases to create year-round decor, or customize them to make seasonal displays. Vases come in handy when decorating for any holiday or special event.

Here are some ideas for recycling old glass vases into on-trend home decor:

1. Terrariums

Even though the flowers are gone, you can use the leftover vase to host a green terrarium teeming with life. The terrarium will give any room in your home, from the living room to a bathroom, a fresh look.

Begin the project by putting a thin layer of cactus soil on the bottom of a wide vase, and then topping it with a succulent plant. Use a small shovel to break up the plant's soil and roots a little, and then cover it with a bit more of the cactus soil, gently pressing it around the plant. If the vase is large enough, you can add one or two more plants if desired.

Sprinkle some aquarium rocks, in either basic white or a vibrant color depending on your decor style, on top of the soil to complete the terrarium. 

2. Floating Candle Centerpiece

Turn the flower vase - ideally a tall,cylinder-style one - into an eclectic table centerpiece with some rocks or gems, water and floating candles. Start by putting natural river rocks, colorful gemstones or even seashells on on the bottom of the vase.

Fill 3/4 of the vase with cool spring water. Finish by placing either one large or several floating candles on the water. Choose candle colors that fit with the overall theme of the piece, such as turquoise candles for a beach-inspired look or red candles for a Valentine's Day table centerpiece. Floating candle displays also work well as wedding reception table decor. 

3. Decorated Vases

If you prefer to make the vases the main attraction, rather than what they're holding, add some bling to the exterior. As one idea, use a hot glue gun to attach small, round glass gemstones all around the vase, completely covering the surface. Create a vibrant piece using a rainbow of gems for a stained glass appearance, or stick with a mix of similar colors, such as varying shades of blue.

Other glass vase embellishment options include small rhinestones for a glamorous effect, or hand-painted nature-inspired designs, such as butterflies or birds, for a cool and artsy boutique look. Contact a business, such as Park Glass Inc, for more information.