Leaks around a windows can lead to multiple problems. First and foremost, air can leak out or through any gaps, which ruins the energy efficiency of the window. Second, water can also come through any leaks. This can result in mold and mildew issues inside the home, or even rotten window frames and sills if they are made of wood. The following tips can help you find and repair leaks before they become a problem.

Tip #1: Perform an annual caulk inspection

Glass is usually sealed into the frame with caulk, using a process called glazing. Inspect this caulk, both inside and out, carefully for any cracks, peeling, or missing bits. If you notice that the caulk is damaged, you will need to remove all the old caulk and then replace it with new. If this seems like too much work or you aren't sure if you can do it properly, hire a glass repair technician to complete the job.

Tip #2: Check the gasket

Double- and multi-pane windows have a gasket that runs around the perimeter of the window, between the glass and the frame. This metal band is what keeps the panes sealed. If it become bent, damaged, or otherwise gives out, moisture will seep between the panes and may eventually make its way into your home. Repair of multi-pane windows typically requires a professional. They will drill miniscule holes in the interior pane and use special equipment to dry out the moisture between the two panes. They will also reseal the gasket. The combination of the small holes and repaired gasket prevents moisture and condensation problems, but the windows may not be as energy efficient as they were before the gasket failed.

Tip #3: Verify the window frame's integrity

Sometimes the issues isn't with the glass, but with the frame – especially with wood windows. Probe the window frame carefully with a screwdriver to see if you can find any soft wood. Check both inside and out. If you do, the wood may beginning to rot and warp, which is allowing moisture in. In some cases you can simply replace the rotten part, such as if only the sill is damaged. If the damage is extensive, you will need to get replacement windows. Consider vinyl windows if you don't want to deal with rot issues again in the future. Call a glass repair contractor to find out more information.