Installing replacement windows for your home is a major investment that you will likely have to make at some point. Due to the importance of your windows and the sizable cost of replacing them, it is critical for you to make sure to protect your windows from some of the common sources of damage that can strike them. Fortunately, there are two tips you can follow to greatly enhance the durability of your home's new windows.

Invest In Storm Shutters

One of the more common sources of damage that can strike your home's windows comes from strong storms. These storms can send large hailstones or airborne debris crashing into the home. By installing storm shutters, you can offer your windows a protective barrier against most of these threats.

In order for these shutters to offer protection for your windows, you will need to close them when strong storms are in the area. If you are suffering from mobility or other issues that will prevent you from closing the shutters, you can invest in automatic shutters can easily be closed with a remote control.

Consider Installing Security Window Film

While storm shutters can be excellent at stopping storm damage from ruining your windows, there can be numerous other ways that the windows can shatter. Whether it is due to a freak accident or criminal activity, many people are unaware of the benefits of installing security film over the glass. These films are designed to structurally reinforce the glass in the event that it shatters. In the process, this can minimize the amount of glass that will be thrown into your home's interior while also helping to ensure the window continues to provide some protection.

These films are installed on both the interior and exterior of the glass. While it is possible to install this type of protective coating yourself, you may want to hire a professional for this upgrade if you are inexperienced with this type of home improvement project. If the film is not correctly installed, it will not offer the protection that your windows need, which can leave your home exposed to a higher risk of damage during storms.

Your home's windows will eventually need to be replaced either due to damage or aging, and it is a fact that many homeowners are not sure how to get the most from this part of their homes. By installing storm shutters and security film, you can help to prevent common sources of damage from causing major damage to your windows or your home's interior. Talk to a glass replacement company, like Ryan's All-Glass, to learn more.