Windows are a pleasant portal to the outside world when you're inside your home. Radiant sunlight can often light rooms during the day naturally, leaving you needing to use your houses light less and less, which in turn can be quite the boon for your electric bill. As nice as they may be, a run down window can also hurt a house almost as much as it helps. So, if any of the following are true you might be in need of getting that old window knocked out and replaced. 

Your Windows Are Hard To Use

From time to time, everyone has enjoyed opening their windows and letting in the nice, fresh air from the outside flow into their home. Yet, windows can often become a point of annoyance as they stubbornly refuse to open or close once they become a certain age. A stubborn window can even prove downright dangerous at times, as it removes an possible exit should a fire start in your house. Whatever the cause may be here, opening your windows should always be easy and probably need to be replaced if they aren't.

Your House's Temperature Is Frequently Unpleasant

Perhaps more frustrating to you is your house just simply being an unpleasant temperature. While this could be the fault of your central air conditioning or heating system, a surprisingly common culprit could be the unassuming windows in your house. Indeed, most people are so used to windows being present that it's quite easy to forget that windows are basically large holes in your house's walls. Over time, a window's seals can break down, allowing the outside air to leak into your home, which not only makes your home more uncomfortable, but also races your utility bill. So, if your home is a just not quite the right temperature or your utility bill has been higher than normal you might want to look to your windows being the possible cause. 

The Window Frame Is Rotting

This one is a bit more obvious, as the wood around the window sill will often indicate to you that it is failing quite readily. Not getting the window replaced could spell disaster from your home as critters, moisture, and the outside air will have no trouble infiltrating your home and lowering your overall quality of life.  So, aside from simply looking quite ugly, you're sure to be in for all sorts of nasty surprises if you don't get it replaced right away. 

So, if your windows are displaying any of these signs, a window replacement from a company like A-1 Glass Co Inc sure can do you some good.