If you can't remember the last time your windows were replaced, it might to think about having it done. New windows will drastically change the appearance of your home. But, there are other reasons why you should have new windows installed in your home. Here are four reasons you might want to think about having your windows repaired or replaced.

1. Energy Efficiency

Stand in front of your window on a cold, windy day. If you can feel cold air radiating through the glass, or there's wind blowing through frame, you're probably wasting money on your energy bills. As glass ages, it becomes thinner. When that happens, you'll notice that the hot and cold air from outside is able to radiate through the glass. Replacing your windows will save you money on your energy bills and keep you more comfortable.

2. Difficulty Opening and Shutting

If your windows no longer open and close properly, it's time to have them replaced. Wood frame windows may expand or contract with age. They may also begin to rot. When that happens, they may no longer fit properly. Metal frame windows may rust if they haven't been properly protected against the elements. If you're now fighting with your windows each time you try to open or close them, you should contact a contractor to discuss window replacements.

3. Condensation between the Panes

You noticed condensation on your windows, so you wiped them off. Unfortunately, you've discovered that the condensation is between the panes of glass. That's a sure sign that the seal around your window has failed. Now that the seal is damaged, your windows are no longer protecting your home from the elements. It's time to have them replaced.

4. Windows are Single Pane

Take a close look at your windows. If they're single-pane, you might want to have them replaced with dual or triple-pane windows. While single-pane windows will keep your home secure when they're closed, they're not protecting your home from the elements. They're also allowing more exterior sounds to interrupt your peace and quiet. Single-pane windows do have a lower initial cost. However, the lower initial cost will be replaced by higher monthly energy bills.

If your windows are no longer doing their job–keeping energy bills low, reducing exterior sounds--it might be time to have them replaced. Once you've repaired them as much as you possibly can, you should talk to a contractor about having your windows replaced.

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