If you have a glass bathtub enclosure in your bathroom, then you will want to be sure that you care for it in the proper way. By doing this, you can increase the lifespan of it significantly and guarantee that your home has increased value due to the modern, sleek, and well-maintained bathroom that you have. Here are the do's and don'ts for ensuring that your glass bathtub enclosure continues to last and provide value and cleanliness to your home:

The Do's:

  • Squeegee the glass after every shower use. By doing this, you reduce the amount of water spots that appear on the glass, which is going to make cleaning the glass much easier once you get around to it. Plus, it ensures that the glass bathtub enclosure continues to appear clean at all times, thus guaranteeing that your bathroom appears hygienic and appealing for both you and your guests. 
  • Clean the glass weekly with a sponge and mild soap. Cleaning the glass shouldn't require more than this. By doing this weekly, you can increase the lifespan of the glass and guarantee that it does not begin to break down due to harsh cleaners. 
  • Read the warranty provided with the installation of the glass bathtub enclosure. In the warranty, the company that has installed the enclosure will provide specific details about how to care for it. This way, you know to avoid cleaning products that will void the warranty. 

The Don'ts:

  • Don't use abrasive cleaners, which can scratch the glass, or vinegar based products, which can break down the protective coating on the glass. 
  • Don't use mist type cleaners that aren't rinseable. Many mist-type shower cleaners that you can purchase are created to be used in the actual tub and on tile walls. These are not for cleaning glass enclosures. This is because the mist type shower cleaners can break down the plastic that surrounds your shower door. 
  • Don't use rough sponges or rags, since these can scratch the glass. You may not notice these scratches at first, but over time they are going to become more and more noticeable. Instead, use a soft cloth and sponge, which are gentle on the surface. You should always use a soft cloth to dry the glass enclosure after cleaning it to ensure that there is no potential for water spots to stay afterward. 

By knowing the do's and don'ts on caring for your glass bathtub enclosure, you can be sure that you make it last and get the most out of the warranty provided with it, as well. For more care tips, contact a company like Glass-Pros.