Spotless windows can be one of the best ways to improve the curb appeal of your home and increase the amount of natural light the interior of your home receives. In order to clean the windows without the help of professional cleaners, you'll need to get familiar with the right cleaning methods. If you're set on window cleaning without the use of harmful chemicals, consider the following five tips.

Choose a Cleaning Day with Good Weather

The weather can greatly affect the kind of results you see while window cleaning, especially if you intend on cleaning the outside of the windows as well as the indoors. Picking a hot day with little breeze is ideal since the sun will help dry the windows and you won't need to worry about the wind adding to the dirtiness of your windows.

Try Different Homemade Cleaning Solutions

Some store cleaners use chemicals that can be harmful to breathe in, making it a good idea to try alternative, more natural cleaning solutions. Some good options for cleaning solutions include vinegar, water, borax, and even lemon juice. Trying different combinations can help you find the best cleaning solution for your windows and is an affordable way to wash your windows at home.

Consider a Gentle Scrub to Remove Grime

If there's a lot of grime on your windows that is difficult to remove with a standard sponge, you'll want to reach for a scrub instead. A hog-bristle brush can be an effective way to remove deep-set grime and allows you to remove any mess that would otherwise be difficult to remove on your own.

Use a Squeegee to Dry Off Wet Windows

To give the windows clean finish that's not going to leave streaks behind, it's important that you follow up with a squeegee. By using a squeegee after cleaning, you can quickly wipe away any leftover moisture and give the windows a dry finish.

Make Sure to Air Out Your Home Afterwards  

Regardless of the cleaning solution you use, your home may smell different or there may still be moisture lingering on the window glass. By keeping your windows open and turning on some fans, you can add some air circulation that will help dry everything off.

Cleaning your windows on your own doesn't need to be a challenge or require that you use harmful chemicals if you know how to get started. By trying some of the above tips, you'll be able to get clean windows without any trouble. For more information about windows, visit  Victorville Glass Co Inc.